Race Tested Products

1" Kingpin Spindles

Tig Welded 4130 Chromolly. 8* K.P. inclination. Set up for Willwood Superlight Calipers. Dana 44 Snouts ( other snouts fit as well ) Steering tabs included.


Equal Length 1" Kingpin Beams

We start with our C.N.C. machined 4130 Beam ends, 2" 4130 Tube and 3/16" 4130 plate make up the framework, while internal gusseting and 1/8" overlays only add to the strength of these Full Race Beams. They are 48" center to center and use a 1" Uniball on pivot side.


Crossover Steering (Swing Set)

4130 Tig Welded construction. Uniball, or Bushing main pivot. 5" mounting spread. Set up for 3/4" or 7/8" Heims. 8" center to center on the pivots. Center link is at 70% Price includes Delrin bushings, Crush sleeves, and tabs


1" Kingpin Beam ends

These are our NEW lightened 4130 Beam ends. Pocketed sides for weight savings, and pocketed end for 2" tube. Angle from kingpin to bottom tube is 18* These should be between 1*-3* at ride height depending on beam construction. These are the same beam ends used on Jono Libby's 1450 destroying Toyota Tundra.


Spring perch with built in shock mount and bump pad

Toyota Tundra Crossmember

Replaces fragile stock crossmember

Toyota Tundra solid carrier bearing

*Slip yoke installed in AFT driveline is required